Above Derwent Parish Council have contracted a Parish Lengthsman.  Please see the below details the specification of what the lengthsman is contracted to do for ADPC.  Any requests or comments need to be directed to the parish council clerk (clerk@abovederwent.org.uk), not directly to the lengthsman.  Thank you


Lengthsman duties

This list provides examples of Lengthsman work but is non-exhaustive.  Other jobs similar in style may be included by agreement between the Lengthsman and the Parish Council as the contract progresses. The time approximations are the best estimate of the likely split of the work.

Approx 45%
Keeping grating free of debris
Clearing around drains
Localised ditching
Cleaning / clearing channels
Rodding of pipes (off highway)
Reporting persistent problems to clerk / CCC Highways and liaising as needed to find solutions
Monitoring areas at risk of flooding
Litter & leaf clearance (including out of grit bins)
Removal of fly-posting
Land drainage (not highway)
Graffiti / unauthorised sign removal
Repair of street furniture including seats, benches, bus stops, shelters
Reporting full bins / position of litter sacks to Allerdale
Report empty grit bins to CCC Highways
Reporting o/s issues to clerk
Approx 35%
Highway Minor Works:
Removal of soil / detritus
Cutting back vegetation overhanging the road or footway
Clearing footways of weeds/moss
Grass strimming around posts
Reporting defects
Monitoring repairs
Liaising with clerk/CCC Highways as needed to find solutions
Working with Highway Steward as necessary to complete repairs
Signs(including reflector posts):
Minor repairs
Sign erection & relocation
Street name plates cleaning and repair
Approx 20%
Grasscutting / strimming in designated areas of public land not otherwise cut by villagers
Maintain public open spaces, minor repairs to fences etc.
Building fences / putting in posts etc
Reporting o/s issues to clerk / LDNPA / National Trust etc and liaising as needed to find solutions
Acting as eyes and ears for the community having regard to vulnerable parishioners and anti social behaviour such as noise, car crime etc.
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