Above Derwent Parish Council are constantly reviewing policies, below are the current policies of Above Derwent Parish Council

ADPC Appraisal Policy Nov 2021 (002)

ADPC Assets May 2022

ADPC Bullying & Harassment Mar 2021

ADPC Code of Conduct Oct 2022A

DPC Communications Policy Jan 2021

ADPC Complaints Procedure May 2022

ADPC Co-option Procedure Aug 2021

ADPC Data Protection Policy May 2022

ADPC Disciplinary Grievance Proc Nov 2021 (002)

ADPC Dispensation Procedure Aug 2021

ADPC Editorial Policy May 2022

ADPC Equality & Diversity Policy Sep 2021

ADPC Financial Regulations – May 2022

ADPC Freedom of Information May 2022

ADPC Gifts & Hospitality Protocol Feb 2022

ADPC Grant Policy Oct 2021

ADPC Health Safety Policy Oct 2022

ADPC High Consequence Infectious Disease Policy March 2020

ADPC Information Technology Policy Jun 2022

ADPC Non-compliance with the Code of Conduct Sep 2021

ADPC Press & Social Media May 2022

ADPC Privacy Statement Jul 2022

ADPC Procurement Policy – Jul 2021

ADPC Public Interest Disclosure Policy Jul 2022

ADPC Public Participation at meetings Jul 2021

ADPC Record Management Policy Jun 2021

ADPC Risk Management Policy Protocol May 2022

ADPC Scheme of Delegation Jul 2021

ADPC Serious Infectious Disease Policy Mar 2021

ADPC Standing Orders May 2022

ADPC Training Policy Jan 2022

ADPC Urgent Planning Applications March 2022

Forms for completion

ADPC Co-option Form

ADPC Grant Form

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